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Dear Visitor,

First I would like to welcome you to hairfreé® . Here is what you can expect during your visit. First and foremost you will learn about new hair styling tools that provide for a healthier alternative to using a flat/curling iron to style your hair. The mission of hairfreé® is to educate you the visitor why you should be eliminating the use of your flat/curling iron.

To do this I provide you with a variety of pages. The first page “History” is my account of how hairfreé® came about. The second page “Why hairfreé® “, is a narrative on why you should use hairfreé® . I continue the story with the third page titled “Don’t believe me”. On this page you will read a press release from American Association of Dermatology in the summer of 2008 about why a flat/curling iron is harmful to your hair and why you should limit the use of them.

The fourth page “Technology and Use” explain the technology used with the brushes. In addition to that I also explain the different ways in which you can use the brushes. The brushes can be used as a regular brush or a vented brush. It is up to the user to decide. The next page “What Others have Said” are articles that have been written and published in various magazines both on and off line. After “What Others have Said” come the Videos. On this page you will find three different videos. The videos for the flat and round brush demonstrate how the brush operates. The third video is the commercial that demonstrates the actual use of hairfreé® . This commercial was further edited and that edition was aired for the first time during the month of March 2009 on two different cable providers in the USA.

In closing I would like to thank you for visiting hairfreé® and that you I hope you conclude you visit by purchasing hairfreé® brushes. If not I nevertheless hope that you enjoyed your visit and learned something you did not know about your hair and styling it!


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